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Started in Feb 2019, Commando Combative and Calculus seeks to provide top-notch instructional services for whole person development - both mental and physical.  I believe that self-defense is a basic life skill that EVERYONE should learn, similar to knowing how to swim or ride a bicycle.  I initially started as a self-defense instructor in October 2018, then founded this company in Feb 2019 when I added tutoring to my service offerings.  

I have several years of experience practicing WWII combatives and fighting techniques of elite forces such as the CIA, US Army Special Forces, and US Marines.  My martial arts background also includes time spent training in karate, tai-chi, and aikido.  I can help you learn how to survive violent encounters and return home safely, as well as how to protect your loved ones.

In the realm of mental development I provide private tutoring in the fields of math, physics, chemistry, biology, and electrical engineering - specifically circuits, RF/microwave circuits, communications, and electromagnetics.  As a graduate student my specialty was RF/microwave circuit design. 


I have many years of experience tutoring math and science.  I have helped many students succeed - one of the first student's I ever tutored is now an engineer at Applied Materials - and I can help you as well.

I can help you improve your grades and deepen your understanding of academic material.  I can also help you improve your scores on the SAT/ACT/AP exams to help you get into your dream college.  I can also help you prepare for the math portions of the GRE and GMAT.

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