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Free One-Hour Trial Lessons

Want to try before you buy?  I can offer you a free one-hour trial lesson, in self-defense, math or science tutoring, and/or electrical engineering tutoring.  The offers don't get any better than FREE!

Military and Law Enforcement Discount

For any current or former military or law enforcement personnel, and especially for people planning to enter those professions in the near future, I offer a 20% discount on commando combatives lessons.  For groups, if AT LEAST one person in the group qualifies for this discount, I give the discount to the entire group.

Free ASVAB tutoring

For people trying to join the military who need help passing the ASVAB or getting a high score to qualify for their desired job field (MOS), I offer FREE tutoring in math, science, and electronics (with my strongest subjects being math and electronics).  For these students I typically end each tutoring session with a short commando combatives lesson, as anyone joining the military must be prepared to fight.

Free tutoring for service-disabled veterans

For any veterans who have been disabled as a result of their military service, I offer free tutoring in math, science, and/or electrical engineering.  For example, if you are a former infantryman who lost an arm in combat, and now that you can no longer serve in infantry you wish to go to school, I will tutor you for free.

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