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Henry Nguyen

(323) 861 2625


Quantic School of Business and Technology (formerly Smartly),Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA), 2018

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Worcester, MA, Master of Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, 2015

Tohoku University, Master of Engineering, Electrical & Communication Engineering, 2003

University of California Riverside (UCR), Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, 2000


Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Tai-Chi Club, 1998

United States Karate Organization, 2000

Tohoku University Karate Club, 2000

Tohoku University Aikido Club, 2000

World War Two combatives, 2016-present

Have read numerous books and watched numerous DVDs on self-defense and combatives



Tutor, Beyond Curriculum, March 2020-June 2020

Part-time Faculty, California State University Los Angeles, June 2019-June 2020

Teacher, C2 Education, March 2019-June 2020 ​​

Freelance Tutor, February 2019-Present

Instructor, Mathnasium, January 2019-March 2019 ​​

Self-Defense Instructor, October 2018-Present ​​

Volunteer Tutor (for military applicants), February 2018-Present ​​

Freelance Tutor: November 2015-May 2016 ​​

Teaching Assistant, Worcester Polytechnic Institute: August 2014-May 2015 ​​

Freelance Tutor: July 2010-July 2013 

Instructor, Mathnasium: September 2010-June 2011​​

Teaching Assistant, Tohoku University: April 2001 – March 2002 ​​



Project Engineer, June 2020-May 2023

Applications Engineer, Maury Microwave: May 2018-November 2018

​​Test Engineer, Wipro: June 2016-August 2017 ​​

Technical Specialist, Steinfl & Bruno, LLP: October 2011-August 2012

​​Freelance Engineer: October 2009-January 2010​

Intern, NTT Network Innovation Laboratory: June 2001-July 2001

​Intern, Metroline Industries: April 2000 – August 2000​​


Commando Combatives (available for purchase on Barnes & Noble website)

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