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No good-hearted, sane, law-abiding person should ever go looking for a fight. There is too much chaos and confusion in a real fight to be able to guarantee a favorable outcome even for a well-trained martial artist. Unfortunately, sometimes in life we MUST fight. When that happens, you have to be able to flip the switch from mild-mannered citizen to vicious, brutal warrior. The person who is fastest, strikes first, and is most willing to be most vicious will likely win the fight. You cannot fold up and surrender just because you got hit, you must be willing to do worse to your attacker than he wishes to do to you.


For example, in a bar brawl a Navy SEAL was bitten by a police dog. Many people would simply fold up when a large, vicious dog attaches their teeth and jaws to them. This Navy SEAL bit the dog back, and the dog let go. Why are Navy SEALs such deadly opponents? Are their fighting methods superior? Possibly, but more so is that SEALs are supremely well conditioned both physically and mentally, and they possess an enduring never-quit attitude that enables them to prevail in situations where most people would fold.


Physical preparation is important, but mental preparation is important as well. You must decide now, when things are quiet and you are safe, just how far you are willing to go to defeat an attacker who may want to rape, torture, or murder you or your loved ones. You must be willing to go from zero to vicious in the blink of an eye in order to have a chance of defeating an assailant and coming home safely to your loved ones, or protecting your loved ones from such assailant.

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