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Commando Combatives


The self-defense that I teach is based primarily on the combatives (hand-to-hand combat skills) taught to Allied commandos during World War Two, plus a few other tricks thrown in from techniques taught to CIA officers, US Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and the US Marines.  Ask me about a free one-hour trial lesson.

Private Lessons                            $100 per hour

Group Lessons                           $180 per hour

(for example, for a four-person group, each person only pays $45 per hour)

Edge of Hand strike
Weapons Defense & Offense


In addition to empty-hand fighting, I also teach unarmed defenses against knives, guns, and sticks/clubs as well as weapons offensive techniques.  For those in law enforcement and security, I also teach weapon retention and restraint/control/arrest techniques. Most of this builds on the basic empty-hand fighting skills that I teach. Rates are the same as for commando combatives.

Math tutoring
Math and Science tutoring

I tutor math levels up to and including multi-variable calculus.  I also tutor for the basic sciences of physics, chemistry, and biology.  Ask me about a free one-hour trial lesson.

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry            $60 per hr

Trigonometry, Precalculus                   $75 per hr

Statistics, single-variable calculus,

linear algebra                                     $100 per hr

Multi-variable calculus,

Data Science                                     $120 per hr

Physics, Chemistry, Biology                $75 per hr

SAT/ISEE math                                    $80 per hr

GRE/GMAT math                               $100 per hr

Integrated Math I, II, III           $65/$75/$85 per hr

laptop pic.jpg
Electrical Engineering tutoring

I tutor multiple subjects in Electrical Engineering.  Ask me about a free one-hour trial lesson.  

Basic circuits                            $100 per hour

Advanced circuits                     $120 per hour

Electromagnetics                      $120 per hour

Communications                       $150 per hour

RF/microwave circuits               $150 per hour

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