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Want proof that I can provide great service as an instructor?  Just check out these testimonials from satisfied clients!

"I had the pleasure of hiring Henry to tutor my children in high school  during the period of 2010-2013.  He tutored them in the subject areas of math and science.  He also helped them prepare for the PSAT, SAT and subject tests.  In addition to tutoring Henry found ways to encourage my sons to pursue their areas of interests by providing them additional resources, i.e. science magazines, professional contacts, encouraging emails, etc.  to enrich their learning experience.  He was always punctual, professional and patient.   He was the best tutor that anyone could have!  He will do his best in whatever endeavor he takes on!   He is highly regarded and recommended as a teacher!" - Mayda F.

“Thank you for all your time and patience helping me pass my ASVAB Henry! You’ve taught me so much information and tricks how to solve problems shown on the ASVAB. Thanks again for all your time and help!” - Rhea N.

"Henry has been teaching my son AP Calculus , which is the most challenging level of mathematics in High School.  Henry is very knowledgeable, and has a decent and professional manner. His approach toward my son was always understanding, so my son liked him as a tutor. My son’s grade went up after few weeks of tutorial. I highly recommend Henry because he is knowledgeable, and brings results." - Klara S.

"Henry has been tutoring my 12 year old son and we've been very thankful to see a difference in his confidence and most notably, his grades.

During COVID, we transitioned into the Zoom world and Henry is good at carrying the art of one-on-one teaching into this format.

Flexible and affordable!" - Eric H.

"Tutor is very nice, helpful and respectful. He will teach you until you understand and give you many tips and math. When I needed help, he worked with my schedule and met up with me close to home.
Would recommend to family and friends." - Catalina S.

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