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I can provide you with specialized instruction in self-defense, hand-to-hand combat, and combatives.  I can teach you practical, simple, brutally effective self-defense in a short amount of time saving you time and money in your self-defense journey.  The instruction I provide can give you the confidence to walk without fear knowing that you can handle yourself in violent situations, whether that be dealing with a schoolyard bully or a violent criminal.  This means you can avoid the psychological and physical trauma of suffering a beating or worse.  As martial arts go, I focus on the "martial" with little to no "art".  Don't wait until someone threatens you or attacks you - contact me TODAY to start your training!  Noah built the Ark BEFORE the floods came - the time to start training in self-defense is now, before you need to face a violent threat.

Although I have studied tai-chi, karate, and aikido, I do not teach traditional martial arts - I teach you how to survive violent encounters so that you can return home safely to your loved ones.  Reap the benefits of military-quality hand-to-hand combat training without the boot camp mentality and Drill-Instructor-Yelling-In-Your-Face experience. 


The basic style that I teach was taught to Allied commandos during World War Two.  It served those elite soldiers well in combat and it can help you survive violent encounters as well.  I also teach some techniques that are taught to CIA officers, US Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and US Marines.

Try a FREE one-hour lesson today!

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