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Some students may struggle with procrastination, and getting things done in general.  I know that in high school I had moments like that.  We all can fall prey to it.  I recommend the following steps to help deal with this:

1 - At the beginning of the week (e.g. Sunday afternoon or evening) make a complete list of everything that needs to get done that week - studying, homework, writing the first few pages of a term paper, and so on.  Break large tasks (e.g. a 20 pagae term paper) into smaller tasks that can be discretely scheduled into a given week (e.g. completing the outline, or looking up at least 4 sources, or writing the first 2-4 pages of the term paper).

2 - Estimate how long each task will take

3 - Use a calendar (either paper or electronic e.g. Google Calendar) and schedule in everything.  Make sure to schedule in time for breaks, leisure, eating, showering, sleeping - everything.  Also leave some safety margin each day, in case certain tasks take longer than expected or unforeseen difficulties arise.

4 - As the week progresses, make sure you stick to the schedule you created for yourself.  Ask a friend or family member to help keep you accountable.

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