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Want proof that I am a great instructor?  Just check out the reviews below!

"I have been training in self defense with Henry Nguyen for over 2 months now racking up over 15 one hour sessions and I have learned a lot from our time. My schedule is a little crazy (working 15hours/day) so for me finding someone to work with my schedule was a little challenging but when I first talked to Henry he was very understanding to my schedule and was willing on seeing me 2 times a week from 8:30pm to 9:30pm at my house. Henry is extremely passionate about teaching self defense  and if you ever ask him a question he does not know how to answer, you can expect a text the next morning answering your question in detail.  I enjoy the  session with him and will be continuing to have more" - Edgar C.

"I loved this class!  The instructor was very supportive and enthusiastic.

My husband and I took the lesson together.  We were both beginning martial arts' learners. The instructor patiently spent time reviewing the techniques until we fully understood each lesson. He taught us not only how to fight, but also how to be conscious and aware in real life situations, and to create a safe distance from apparent danger.

I would recommend the class and this instructor for everyone!!" - Naomi E.

"Henry is a very good teacher. we took the self-defence class with him and it was very fun and informational. we learned a lot of useful tips to protect ourselves and to get out of a dangerous situation. he's very friendly as well!" - Bo P.

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