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The fighting methods I teach are brutally effective - sufficiently so that I consider teaching these methods as almost equivalent to handing someone a weapon.  With that in mind, for any students younger than 18 who wish to train in self-defense with me, there is an application process.

1 - I require a personal statement from the student

2 - I require two recommendation letters, one from the student's parents/guardians, and one from another adult who can tell me about the student's character e.g. a teacher, coach, scoutmaster, pastor, or similar.

3 - After reviewing the written documents, I will interview the student.

The questions I seek to answer include: what does the student stand for?  what will they sacrifice for?  what will they fight for?  how can I be confident the student will be responsible and exercise restraint with the fighting skills that I teach?

After completing the above three steps, I will endeavor to swiftly make a decision on whether to accept the minor student for self-defense lessons.

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